Fireside’s 2019 Year in Review

2019 was an awesome year here at Fireside. It’s incredible to look back and review what we have accomplished in a year’s time.

We value controlled progressive growth in order to be able to maintain a level of excellence in all that we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t accomplish big things year over year as we work towards becoming the premier Digital Agency North of Toronto for small to medium-sized businesses.

Join in our success and take a look at some of what we did in 2019.

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We started working with a business coach

At the end of 2018, we started working with Jon Weening from Tribridge Solutions who is an official EOS implementor.  I had read about the framework in the book ‘Traction’ a few years ago and was excited when I met Jon at a business event and he agreed to work with us.  After getting started in 2018, 2019 was when the system started to click for us and we were able to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Establish our Core Offering
  • Establish our Core Values
  • Set organized routine weekly and quarterly meetings
  • Set up a dashboard for tracking some of the key metrics needed to hit our goals
  • Get everyone on the same page around goals, core values etc.
  • Fix many of the issues we were experiencing that negatively affected our profit on projects

We highly recommend Jon at Tribridge Solutions.  You can check out his website here:

We rebranded

Once we established our core offering, we realized that a rebrand was in order to help us more effectively speak to, and visually engage our target customer.  We didn’t change our name or anything but designed a new logo and a new design style that we feel positions ourselves as the more professional, serious option for larger clients with bigger marketing budgets.

Once you’re done reading this, click around the website to get a feel for it.

We upped our Digital Marketing game

In 2019 we really switched our focus to providing full-service Digital Marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses. We want to be the only place our customers need to go for not just websites and graphic design but also search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

  • We ran some impressive Digital Marketing Campaigns for a few clients that have had a large impact on their bottom line. 
  • We greatly improved our reporting so that we can see the results of our work, and easily share that impact with our clients.

We improved our offering for charities and helped make a difference

Our core offering is for businesses but we LOVE helping organizations change the world for the better and look for opportunities to partner with Charities, NPOs, NGOs and other social impact organizations to help them accomplish their goals. In 2019 we:

  • Developed a relationship with FurnitureBank in Toronto, helping them improve their website and messaging in order to increase donations and the Social Enterprise side of the charity. We are also able to take on the role of design support and website support so that they don’t have to hire full-time team members for these roles.
  • Continued our work with InterVarsity Ministries.  We act as their website support agency and were able to help set them up to easily manage their website content in-house, knowing that we are there to support them as needed.
  • Established discounted rates for the Charities that we work with and were able to donate some time and work to the missions we support.

Improved our internal processes, allowing us to create a better product, more efficiently

One of the core features of the EOS process is called the Meeting Pulse. This includes a weekly meeting that is designed to help teams work through issues in a focused, organized way resulting in real traction and lasting improvement in all areas of the business. Integrating these meetings, a weekly project meeting and a quick, daily morning meeting to ensure everyone has the right marching orders from day to day has made a huge difference in our productivity and fixing things that were broken or improving things that could be better. In 2019 we also put more of a focus on focused, strategic personal development time, ensuring that everyone has company paid time to stay on top of the latest trends, sit in on webinars, take courses etc. to remain at the top of their game and ensure we are giving the best options and education to our clients.  

We became obsessed with numbers

In 2019 one of the most valuable lessons we learned was “what gets measured, gets better”.  You need data in order to improve and you need to be looking at it and focused on it if you want to improve.  Call it KPIs, OKRs, Lead Measures and Lag measures, whatever you want, but it’s about choosing the things that are going to push your business forward (sales, marketing ROI, task completion rate, customer satisfaction, profit per project type, profit per client etc.), figuring out past performance, setting future goals and then measuring performance against those goals. Even small things can provide huge benefits. It’s been mind-blowing to see how powerful it is to just measure how you are doing at something and watch the human drive take over and make sure it improves. 

We increased income and profit

We came within a few thousand dollars from hitting our yearly income goal but were able to increase our overall income by 16% and our net profit by over 50% so we’re pretty happy with the results of our efforts.

What’s in store for 2020?

While 2019 was a year for improvement, we are looking at 2020 as a year of growth. With a solid team of experts who work well together and are focused on the vision, we are looking to turn our focus to sales and marketing in order to grow the business by finding more of our ideal client.

Becoming a Premier Digital Marketing Agency

We want to continue our transition to becoming a premier digital marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses by hiring a new full-time Marketing Strategist. This will help us take on more Digital Marketing work and improve our offering.

Improve our Website

We’re going to improve our website even further to better present our value proposition and show the value we have been providing for other clients as their Digital Marketing partner.

Getting More and More Numbers

We’ll keep working on getting and measuring more of the numbers that matter as we grow the business.

Looking for Key Clients

We want to find some key clients to partner with who are looking to grow and have the marketing budgets needed to help them do it.

Keep Working with Charities

We want to increase our effectiveness with the charities we work with to help them continue in their missions to improve the world.

Offer retainer-based Digital Marketing Packages

We’re going to continue to increase our monthly recurring revenues by offering marketing services on a retainer-based pricing model.

Increase Revenue

Our goal is to increase our overall income by 55%

Everything we do, we do for you

The real thing that drives us to always be better is our clients. We want to be the best that we can be so that we can help you be the best that you can be. Marketing is such an important function within any successful business and it is difficult for small businesses to know how to get the most from their marketing money in an ever-changing digital world. Being that for you is what drives every decision to be better.

We’re looking forward to serving all of our current and new clients in 2020!

Jesse Barton
Owner at Fireside


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