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Fireside is a professional agency dedicated to helping business and organizations reach their goals using branding, design, marketing and web technology.

We work with startups, established business or not for profits to help them define their message and creatively reach their target audiences. Our passion for design goes beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the target audience. We believe good design should solve real problems and position your brand so it stands out and communicates the right message.

Our Expertise

Meet our Experience Agents

I'm about the big picture. Let's talk about your business to see how we can make it look good and get in front of people.
Jesse Barton Sales/Operations
I manage lots of different kinds of projects. I'll keep your Website, Marketing or Graphic Design project on track, on time and on budget.
Tara Martin Project Manager
I conceptualise, produce and construct visual media that communicates strategic messages; utilising educated principles, experience based-theories and my natural artistic intuition.
Dan Mitchell Designer
I'm a tech support wizard - at your service.
Daniel Roth Web Developer / Tech Support
I'm half designer, half programmer with a mission to make sure your website is lean, mean and looks great on everyone's devices.
Matthew Ton Front End Developer
I am a code creator and problem solver. I make your website do what it needs to do and keep it safe and secure from evildoers.
Caleb Annunziello Back End Developer

Our Process

your spot.
The first step is researching and analyzing your customers so that we can establish a focused goal/purpose of the experience we will be creating. The research we collect acts our compass and guides us along a creative journey to find the most ideal 'spots' for your business to flourish in it's respective marketplace.
Marketing and Design isn't as easy as picking up sticks. It's about a strategic gathering of fuels. Our fuels happen to be Art, science, data, instinct, teamwork, creativity and above all the ability to assemble it all in to one intriguing, enticing comforting experience.
your fire.
Like building a fire we strategically build your experience in layers with our provided fuels (art, science, data, etc.). Whether our strategy says that your experience is to solve a problem or introduce an idea, the experience is always designed to achieve a specific set of goals. The final product which you might see, feel, hear, and maybe even taste is strategically designed by our very skilled and talented team.
watch it
Once all of the components of your business have been designed and it's time to deliver it to the marketplace our marketing professionals will ensure that your business's target audience is being presented with the right experience. The flame has now become a fire/an experience, and you can enjoy watching it grow.

Featured Work

Let's Talk Projects

Your needs are unique and we remain versatile to meet our clients where they are at. We can get involved to help you build or rebuild something from the ground up or align with your current strategies to create effective advertising in the form of website design, graphic design or online marketing.

We are located in Orillia, Ontario but work effectively with customers from all over the world. We'd love to discuss how we can work together to create real experiences for you and your clients.

Sales/Service: 705 259 1889
Technical Support: 705 242 0195

Are you a small business or startup with a limited budget?

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