Your experience

People want to know your story

Every company has a story. We want to find yours and help you tell it.  We want to uncover what makes you special, what makes you unique, and tell your story through effective marketing campaigns.

As your business or organization grows, your story is being written. We want to be a part of it. When the story is written down and told to your children, we want “Finding Fireside” to be a chapter about how you as the main character found the right marketing partner and how that became a turning point in your story. In every good story, the hero finds a guide that helps them along the way.  We want to be the marketing guide that you need to get to where you want to go.

Your Fireside Experience

Our process is designed to help you determine your place in the market, uncover the messages you should be shouting, help you shout at them, and show you if it’s working.  

Every project, large or small, follows a simple yet powerful four-step process.



We want to find out everything about your business, and uncover the golden nuggets that make you, you.


Your Business
Your Goals and Problems
Your Products and Services
Your Target Audience
The Competition
The Market
Project Scope

Deliverables could include:

SWOT Analysis
Communication Guide
Customer Journeys
Perceptual Maps



Creating and visualizing a plan for how everything will come together – in effect, we’ll create a blueprint.


Brand Ideation
Messaging/Information Architecture
Website Solutions
Marketing Platforms

Marketing Methods
Buyer Journeys

Deliverables could include:

Design Mood Boards
Website Wireframes
Website Functionality Requirements
Journey Flow Diagrams
Video Storyboards
Project/Goal Outlines


Design & Build

This is where the plan comes to life, and is built into products or campaigns to help you reach your goals.

Designing and building:

Brand Identity
Websites and Landing Pages
Sales Collateral
Print Production
Hosting Solutions
Brand Integration

Deliverables could include:

Brand Guidelines
Live Websites
Interactive Applications
Social Media Posts
Blog Content
Email Funnels
Video Content
Custom Illustrations


Review & Improve

We constantly look for ways to improve.

Monitoring and reviewing:

Conversion Rates
Website Activity
Campaign Analytics
Human Feedback
Return on Investment

Adjustments could include:

Modifying Ad Copy
Changing Website Imagery
Modifying Website Conversions

Design Elements
New Strategies

We're here for you

When a project is completed, we are here to support you long-term. It’s why we offer support services like website hosting, graphic design, website maintenance, and webmaster services. If you decide to hire full-time staff to take on some of the things we do for you, we’ll try our best to empower them to be the best they can be. Our goal is for you to be successful!

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