How to Create an Effective Support Request

Crafting a solid support ticket is a must to keep things running smoothly, ensure everyone’s on the same page, and save unnecessary back and forth resulting in higher costs or wasted time.  Follow these steps for crafting support requests for quicker turnaround times and the gratitude of your favourite support

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Artificial Intelligence: Is It Right for Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business content creation is here, and it looks like it’s not going away. Maybe you’re skeptical, uneasy about it, or like many, dipping your toes in the controversial waters of AI, hopeful that it may help you. So can we trust AI for business and content

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social media apps on a phone

Why Social Media Ads Can Bring Your Business Fast Results

Social Media has become its own entity and a major advertising platform for businesses that use its power. It offers a double injection of online superpowers with its ability to optimize content but also use this content to create ads and take it even further. Leveraging social media ads to

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social media

Why Your Business Needs More than Just a Social Media Presence

In social media today, it’s not enough to use just one social platform. Many businesses diversify their social media presence by adding content to several channels at the same time. Each platform offers a unique difference in what they offer, and using multiple platforms means you can reach a much

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Why Being Found In a Near Me Search Is Essential

Local SEO Have you ever done a Google Search for a service or product, either with your device or voice-activated search, “Alexa, where is the nearest Tim Hortons?” The ability to find what you need locally and quickly with a ‘Near Me’ search is now your every day reality, helping

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Why SEO Is The Golden Key To Customers Finding You

How SEO, keywords, and fresh content can profoundly affect your website ranking higher. The word SEO can strike fear into a business owner. While most people know what it is and a little of what it does, you may not understand precisely how it works or why it is so

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How To Supercharge Your Google Search Ad

Search Ads, sometimes called paid search advertising, add your business’s advertisements to a Google search, giving your business a supercharged boost on a search engine results page (SERP). You can tell a paid ad by the little ‘Ad’ icon next to the ad when you do a Google search. Paid

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