How the Google Update Might Affect Your Website Ranking

Everyone gets a little nervous when there’s a new Google update, or they change the algorithm. It happens regularly, and you usually wouldn’t even know it happened, but this latest update called the ‘Broad Core Algorithm Update’, which rolled out at the end of May 2022, is a bit more specific. This one is all about Google search and why your website may rank higher or lower than your competitors in the search engine.

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2020 Year in Review and Looking Ahead

There are few things more invigorating than a 2-day off-site annual review and planning session. Although this year we may have had to sacrifice the ‘off-site’ part to the COVID monster to appease its anger (like most other things in our lives), an annual planning session is always good for the soul. Working with our EOS implementor Jon Weening from Tribridge once again, we took a look at the past year and what we want the future to look like at Fireside. As usual, I’m sharing some of this with whoever is interested to see what we’ve been up to and where we’re hoping to go this year.

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How to Keep Your E-Commerce Website Secure

E-commerce website security is crucial to maintain trust and confidence in your business by protecting the data and privacy of your customers, as you can read about in our previous article, ‘The Importance of Website Security’. If you want to run a successful e-commerce business for many years to come,

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Why You Can’t Ignore Security for Your E-Commerce Website

There are millions of e-commerce websites on the internet today, all with varying levels of security. With all the plugins and easy-build software out there, the majority of these websites are under-protected when it comes to their online security, and cybercriminals are finding it easier than ever to break in.

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Goal Value: The Most Underused Metric in Google Analytics

When it comes to measuring digital marketing success, there are numerous KPIs and metrics available to you. From bounce rate, to page views there’s data to give you an insight into every aspect of your digital marketing. However, the one metric that is consistently under used is Goal Value. Here

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COVID-19 at Fireside

Amidst the COVID-19 disruption that has affected so many lives, Fireside has been one of the lucky ones. We are still able to provide the same products and services we have always offered, but from the comfort of our own homes. The transition to working remotely has it’s challenges, but

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