How to Keep Your E-Commerce Website Secure

E-commerce website security is crucial to maintain trust and confidence in your business by protecting the data and privacy of your customers, as you can read about in our previous article, ‘The Importance of Website Security’. If you want to run a successful e-commerce business for many years to come,

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Why You Can’t Ignore Security for Your E-Commerce Website

There are millions of e-commerce websites on the internet today, all with varying levels of security. With all the plugins and easy-build software out there, the majority of these websites are under-protected when it comes to their online security, and cybercriminals are finding it easier than ever to break in.

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Your Guide to Planning Your E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has quickly become one of the best business models available today. It’s more convenient for your customers, you don’t have to deal with customers in person, and in many cases, you may not even need to handle the stock yourself. If you are thinking about starting an e-commerce website,

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Programming Is Like Jazz

Jazz is all about breaking the rules in ways that enhance the music and make it come alive. Jazz is hot; it swings, it jives, it improvises, and it bucks convention to do this. Programming is like Jazz in a sense, sometimes you need to break the rules or improvise to make a harmonious website.

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Six Principles for Basic Email Etiquette

Crafting professional emails is an essential skill in today’s information-based and highly competitive world. Understanding proper conventions and avoiding internet faux pas makes a huge difference in how others perceive you and your business so your emails are taken seriously and don’t get ignored or dumped in the spam folder.

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What Can You Do About Website Security – Part 3

Many website owners think it would be nice to be able to manage their own website content but in reality don’t take the time to learn how to do it or to do it well. Many websites are riddled with security holes because of an outdated CMS and the owner isn’t even using it because they don’t have the time or know how.

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What Can You Do About Website Security – Part 2

Depending on the technical abilities and time availability of a company’s internal staff, many clients want to be able to manage the content on their website themselves. This is really the main reason why small business website security has become an entire industry.

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