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Your website is your place to tell your story, however you want to tell it. It is your space on the internet where no one can tell you what to do. Your message, your creativity, your brand, information about your products and services delivered with your personality – it’s all here. It’s the full brand experience, and often the last step before customers make a purchase or enter your sales funnel.

Get the experts

How is your website working for you?

For most companies, the answer is “not very well”. 

Here’s the thing.  Creating a website is easy.  Creating a money-making website is not. It takes a team of experts. There are marketing people who know how to sell and get exposure, user experience people to translate company goals into slick user experiences, content writers to craft the right messages in the right places, designers who understand grids, colours, white space, and leading potential customers to make a conversion and technical people who know how to make things work, improve speed, integrate the right tools and keep things secure. It’s no wonder most companies are leaving money on the table because their website is not as effective as it could be. Most companies don’t have the benefit of a creative team of passionate experts on the job and are missing key elements of a great site.

A website should be unique
strategic and creative

If your website is not helping you reach your strategic goals in unique and creative ways you will blend in with everyone else.  What you are saying is important, but how you say it says a lot about you. Stand out when your customers are looking for your products and services!

It should effectively communicate your story and what makes you special

Good content is so important. Most websites sound the same, but when you figure out what makes you truly unique and develop text, images, illustrations or video around it, it is powerful. Let us handle content creation so that you can focus on running your business.

It should have the features you need, be fast, secure and work well on all devices

Your website can be an incredible tool making and saving you money. But building the right solutions to solve your unique challenges may need more than out-of-the-box solutions. A lean website, built with the right technology will be better for your users and rewarded by the search engines.

It should be easy to manage and come with great support when you need it

Don’t feel like you’re on your own once you’ve launched your website. We can train existing team members or maintain your website for you. We also host your websites and emails and manage your domains to keep things simple, organized, and streamlined for you and your staff.

It should make you
a lot of money

Your website should be making you money and you should be able to see how much. Whether it’s handing you hot leads or actually selling products online, you should be able to see real data that shows real return on investment and areas for improvement.

Is will be the central focus of your marketing strategy

A website on its own can make you money, but it should be part of a larger strategy. As you invest in content marketing, SEO, social media campaigns, Adword campaigns or whatever it may be, you will be driving people to your website where they can complete their journey and convert.

The Fireside Web Design Process



We’ll sit down with you and discover who your customers are, what pains you can fix for them, what people are searching for when they look for your services, your competitive advantages and differentiators, what makes your products and services great, your business goals, your story, key principles, values or beliefs that drive the business and what our primary conversions will be on the website (the primary things we want people to do).



During Strategy, we work together to create a plan of action for your new website. This includes outlining what pages the website will have and what will be on them, sketches and wireframes showing where content will be located, key creative ideas and basic layout, key design concepts for the new website and how we intend to get potential customers to the website and drive conversions. We present and agree before we design and program the website.


Design and Build

With a winning strategy in place, the marketing and design team gets to work creating content, design layouts and finalizing colours and fonts while the programming team integrates the right technology, resulting in a website that looks great, loads quickly, works on all devices, attracts potential customers through the search engines and converts them to hot, qualified leads for your sales team!


Monitor / Improve

When we have helped you get your website live and online, it’s time to see how it’s working. How many people are coming to it? Do we know who they are? What are they doing when they get there? Are they converting? Is there anything that could be better? Our toolbox of monitoring tools offers incredible insights that spark new ideas for creativity and constant improvement.

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