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Our Story

At the heart of the Fireside brand is storytelling. Since the beginning of time, stories have been told and made around the fire – telling stories around a campfire, curling up by the fireplace with a good book, making memories by the light of the fire.  It’s about a relationship, an experience, and good communication. It’s about taking the time to get to know each other, and collaborating in order to come up with the right solutions to the right problems.

We’re at the gateway to Muskoka. For big city clients we want to be a breath of fresh air, sort of like going to the cottage. For the northerner, we offer an opportunity to not have to sacrifice quality to deal with someone local.

Your one stop shop

The Right Mix of Skills

There are agencies that can make things look pretty. There are agencies that can get you leads. There are agencies that are creative. And there are agencies that understand the technical stuff. We want to be the perfect blend, offering small to medium-sized businesses the right amount of each – so that you have a single agency that can help you get where you want to go. 

We're here for you

Dedication to Support

Over and above our core services, we want to offer additional support services so that you can just deal with one company – instead of having to source multiple providers, which is time-consuming and more complicated for a business owner.  These are things that we don’t make huge money on, but we offer to make your lives easier: things like website hosting, graphic design, printing or custom coding. We have the in-house capacity to handle all of your support requests, either through our online ticketing system or phone support.

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Thoughts and Beliefs That Light Us Up

We can change the world.
Balance is key. We aren’t workaholics. Family is important. Physical, emotional and spiritual health is important. Fun is important.
The most important thing in business is trust. Integrity above all.
We are empowerers. We empower each other and our clients.
The second most important thing is value. Results. This is a business relationship, and if we can’t show a return on your investment, what’s the point?
We are talented individuals with God-given gifts.
Businesses are better with Fireside at their side.
Everyone needs to feel that his or her life is meaningful.
We are creative problem solvers.
People need to be happy to be productive.
We care about people.
The experience is as important as the results.
It starts with team. Our team experiences translate into customer experiences and the creation of experiences for their customers.
Design is problem-solving.
Design creates experiences. We create experiences.
We want to know more about you

Enough about us. What about your story?

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