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Cancellation Confirmation Agreement


This cancellation confirmation contract, is a confirmation that the client and or the supplier wishes to terminate a service or services outlined in The Cancelation Proposal, (The Cancellation Agreement).

The Supplier will not be held responsible for any loss of data that results from terminating the Client’s account from the server. The client is responsible for any backups etc. of data. The supplier can provide backups or additional data as requested by the client for an agreed upon fee in the cancellation agreement.


The client acknowledges that by signing the cancellation agreement that the supplier will no longer be responsible for providing the service(s) outlined in the cancellation agreement and where applicable, will balance out their accounts with the supplier.

Times and Dates

The official cancellation date and potential outstanding fee(s) payments are in the cancellation agreement provided by the supplier to the client. Granted there are no remaining fees applicable to the client’s account regarding the service(s) in question; the supplier will terminate any billing on the client’s account(s) associated with the service(s) mentioned in the cancellation agreement. If there are outstanding fees with the client, the service(s) provided to the client will cease, but the account(s) payable with the provider will remain open until such a time where the fees resolve.

Outstanding Fees

If there are outstanding fees declared in the cancellation agreement, the client will have 30 days to pay or provide sufficient evidence they will offer payment(s) or risk having additional fees added to their account(s). Once a service or services have ceased on the signing of the cancellation agreement, the client will no longer pay the rate applicable to the service(s). Once the outstanding fees resolve, the supplier will treat this as the new official cancellation date of the service(s) outlined in the cancellation agreement and officially close the account(s) applicable.

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