Tara Martin

What is a Video worth?

Sometimes you learn something, and the information is so weighty that it immediately changes the way you think… This stat led me down a rabbit hole learning everything I could on video marketing and the more I learned the more wow’d and convinced I was at how underrated and underused this magical tool is.

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SEO Demystified

As a business owner with a web presence, you’ve probably heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by now. As a local business with a physical location, maybe you’ve heard about “local SEO” or that you should be optimized for local search. Maybe you’ve heard about organic SEO and things just got a little confusing from there.

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Can you make my logo bigger?

It’s a request we hear very often whether it be on your website, a business card or an advertisement. We understand, you want your brand to stand out and be memorable – for it to shout out to your clients “this is who we are”.

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Printing Some Business Cards? Learn From My Mistakes.

I distinctly remember my very first business card. I was a summer student at a not-for-profit and my very first task was to make and print my own business cards. They were printed on the office desktop printer on perforated business card paper. I remember tearing each one off into a neat little stack.

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Ready for a Fireside Chat?

If you think Fireside Agency could be the marketing partner you are looking for, let’s talk. All of our business relationships start with a free conversation.